Sunday, February 28, 2016

Rain + Sun = Rainbows

Another weekend in the Emerald City. I've been here long enough to complain about the current changes. I've also lived long enough to know that complaints, for the most part, go unheard and cause the complainant unnecessary stress. I should be like the water flowing around the rocks. The water flows easily over and around the rocks, but over time the power of the water wears the rocks down into sand.

I went to a college basketball game with my son last night. I'm still surprised sometimes at the power of parental love. The greatest prize I've ever received is introduction of Justin into my life. He is a sweet, energetic and funny boy. He's smart and empathetic, always looking out for those who are important to him. It was a great game, with a three-point buzzer beater. The kind of game every basketball fan enjoys. My son brought along a friend from school and I brought along my wife, or she brought me. Often I cannot tell the difference.

Tonight is the Oscars and I don't give a shit anymore. When I was a boy with visions of a future in film, I would religiously watch the Academy Awards, typing out each winner on my prepared sheet, as they were announced. I tried to see each film nominated for best picture every year, before the ceremony, so I could be a fair judge myself. Now, with eight nominees for best picture and more needless gossipy PR than you can shake a selfie stick at, I just don't have any interest. In fact, I have an anti-interest.

Today is Sunday with periods of sun. I'll be searching for rainbows throughout the day, with he knowledge that there are no pots of gold at their source. Just more weather. The colors are an illusion. The skies are switching from rain and dark clouds to sunshine with potential. The wind is just blowing everything around. It blew away an entire hour last night!

I have tomorrow off. How about that? The reason is that the store and restaurant are closing for the day in order to resurface the wood floors. We will not be paid for this unwanted day off, unless we choose to use a vacation day, which I will, or work extra hours to make up the time. There will still be toxic fumes lingering on Tuesday. I heard the floor repairman say just that, but then he added, "I only have one day, so what can you do?" Toxic fumes on a Tuesday. The anticipation isn't killing me, but the arrival may do just that.

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