Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Happy Talk!!

Happy talk, keep talkin' happy talk,
Talk about things you'd like to do.
You got to have a dream,
If you don't have a dream,
How you gonna have a dream come true?
Ah, Bloody Mary. The philosopher matchmaker of South Pacific waxes poetic about making one's dreams come true. In her case, the dream is marrying off her nubile daughter to some dullard naval officer, so that she can enjoy the American dream. How you gonna have your American dream come true, when there's no such thing.

Back to happiness. The elements of happiness in my life include my son (of course) and my wife (#3) although she may scoff. Music makes my heart sing, and I think it goes without saying that music enhances the life of anyone lucky enough to have working ears. Well, I said it anyway...but it's true. Just watch the documentary "Alive Inside," which is about patients with Alzheimer's and dementia, living in muted loneliness, but they literally light up from the inside when they hear their favorite tunes from their youth.

I love a good cry. It's therapeutic. In both my current marriage and my previous entanglement, I was the one sobbing at the end of whatever tearjerker I roped them into watching with me. Hell, one of my favorite movies is "Return to Me," starring David Duchovny and Minnie Driver. In this film Bob (Duchovny) has lost his zoologist wife in a car accident early in the film. Very sad for Bob. But lucky for Grace Briggs, mild-mannered waitress at O'Reilly's Italian Restaurant, because she has been waiting for a fresh heart. Her's is withering away, because she's still a virgin, living under the thumb of her Irish father, played by the great Carol O'Connor in his last role. Grace ends up meeting Bob, by chance! Soon they are falling in love, but when Bob finds out that Grace has his dead wife's heart...look out!

Last weekend I took my son to see the film "Inside Out." I had been warned by my co-worker -- my ass. man. actually -- that I should bring tissues. "It's a tearjerker," she said, "and I know you're a crier." I suppose she knows this, because I've admitted this. I'm not ashamed of being a softie. If I'd been a better emotional manipulator over the years, I'm sure my soft heart could have gotten me laid more, but then again if I was an emotional manipulator....never mind.

So, "Inside Out" is an amazing new film from Disney-Pixar-Coke-Amazon-Sony. I was recently railing against the very idea of the movie, because I stated that it promotes the idea of a homunculus in our heads, or in this case a gang of five hounculi. Most people don't know what a homunculus is, never mind that the neurological community moved beyond that quite a while ago.

It's all fine and great to talk happy and have dreams, but as one gets older and closer to death, one realizes that some dreams have to be left in the dust, like Bing Bong the imaginary friend from "Inside Out." I look for happiness in the eyes of the robin, who is browsing through the underbrush right at my feet, or the spectacle of a hummingbird, chasing a finch over the treetops. I find pure joy is watching my son play basketball, and interact with people. He's a special human being and I'm crazily lucky to have him in my life.

I think I'd rather drink a Bloody Mary than take advice from one, but I do believe in happiness. I do, I do, I do believe happiness. I'm just not always sure what role the emotion plays in my life, but I'm working on that. I'm always making an honest attempt at making my journey through this life a worthy one. Happiness is just one of those cans I kick down the road, albeit a can that everyone is coveting.
It's time to assemble a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and prepare my head (dress my homunculus) and for work. I'll play some loud music, shuffle through the windows open on my computer and close the windows in the house, since we've had crackheads break into our house before. Honest hardworking crackheads, I'm sure, but I just don't want them in my house, going through my unmentionables. You know what I mean, Billy Jean? 

Let's kill this Tuesday and tomorrow we can raise Wednesday from the dead.

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