Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Back Into the Fray

No time to write today. It's back into the fray at work, but first I have to take Justin to an appointment this morning. I had just started to put the title on my blog, when I paused for lunch. I came back, and my son had written "I love my dad so much" in the subject line. He's such a special kid, well...gifted really. I think we're going to make this camping weekend a Father's Day tradition.

Last weekend was the semi-annual 40% off all used books at the bookstore, where I'm employed. I'm expected some shelving and straightening on my work agenda. Work means no more play, or a much diminished play time anyway. I'll have to savor those moments from this past weekend that stand out; like swimming in the mountain stream, or hiking to the Big Four ice caves. The plethora of s'mores that Justin ingested over the three nights in the woods.

Today is a nice Sunny day in Seattle, but there are no pileated woodpeckers, fluttering through the campground. No stream to clean our dirty dishes in. No stars to count. Just traffic to maneuver through, as we make our way back into the societal mainstream. I'll have more time to write about our awesome camping trip later on.

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