Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Truth is...

The truth is that it's a battle every day. Actually, there are battles on multiple fronts. There are the usual emotional battles, and then add to them the financial and work tussles that come with life in America. There is no American Dream. That's just some bullshit that the rich tycoons thought up to keep the peasants from burning down their mansions. Do you remember the trickle down theory of economics brought to us by the Reagan administration? Okay, which one of you fools out there actually believed that bullshit? And bullshit is right, because that's the only substance I ever imagined trickling down from the gold plated toilets of the rich pampered assholes up there. Just the term should have alerted us: Trick Down Economics. It says right there that you are at the bottom and if you're lucky, some crumbs will fall from the table. Sucker!

These days I'm battling my ex over parenting issues that shouldn't even exist. Life is being made more difficult by the selfish desires of one person over the needs of at least a half dozen others. The sun is shining, but rain is always on the horizon. My estranged family are all on the east coast, where there always seems to be dark clouds hovering above; at least when I'm there it does. I don't even think I can journey back to the east coast again in my lifetime without a series of anti-biotics and vaccines, and a pocketful full of happy pills. That's the danger zone for me, and I need to stay out here in the neutral zone. I need to be Sweden.

Now I need to gather my things together and prepare for my trek to work. Today is my 2pm to 1030pm shift, which allows me to sleep in and write a blog post or two. Not only are there clouds outside today, with rain threatening; there are clouds in my heart, and they don't look like bunnies and flowers. These clouds like like dark laughing skulls. Ew! That's depressing! Stop that! Take that heart of darkness outside and get some sunshine, my man!

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