Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I Have Been Remiss

I have approximately thirty minutes to bang out a blog post. Not really enough time for anything decent, but here goes. Last week my excuse for not pining and whining on my blog, was because I was determined to finish reading The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving by Jonathan Evison. I accomplished that feat, but I have been haunted by the fact that I didn't write a post last week. It's not as if I have readers chomping at the bit to get to my words, but I do get some type of emotional and artistic fulfillment by writing these posts.

Last night was a humdinger in the world of things-that-make-me-depressed. I came home to find a letter from the town of Rehoboth, where I grew up and then quickly left. This letter was stating that my parents' land was going to be claimed for unpaid taxes. Now, we have been paying the taxes all along, but apparently somebody in the town office is not receiving those payments. We recently actually got to speak to a live person and it seemed like it had been worked out, only to receive this legal notice yesterday.

Ten minutes after opening that letter, I get an unfamiliar knock on the door. There standing in front of me, is a Sylvia Browne look-alike, holding some folded documents. "Are you Mark?" She asked. "Yes," I responded automatically. "These are for you." The documents, now in my naive hands, were to inform my wife and I that we were being taken to court for unpaid medical bills. It felt like a one-two punch in the gut. I laid down for twenty minutes; cried a few tears, and then got up and dusted myself off.

Am I the wrong person to be with in a crisis? Do I run around like a chicken with my head cut off, screaming "THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING!" (I realize that image doesn't necessarily work, but I've been off a few steps lately.) I've been to survival school, so I know how to deep fry clover blossoms and clean and cook a trout. I can build a shelter and probably get a fire lit, but usually not under my own ass.

I am calm, but inside of my tumultuous soul, I sense the wicked witch of the west, flying by on her broomstick, while the world around me spins into an unrecognizable oblivion. Now it's time to stick my ear buds in, pick a playlist and head to work. I have lots of books to shelve and customers to please. Are you a potential customer just aching to be pleased? Give me a call.....

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