Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Broaching the Topic

What topic am I going to broach today? What sacred cow shall I take the machete to, and spit down the middle, exposing it's contents to all (or at least my half dozen readers out there.) I can think of many topics I'd like to hammer away at, such as marriage, parenting, willful ignorance, corporate wars fought by the working class. I could tackle taboo subjects like the sex practices of 53-year-old stoners living in the Pacific Northwest; or I could poke holes in the religious beliefs of others.

Maybe the only subject I'm knowledgeable enough to bite into today is sanity or the more pointedly the lack of sanity. There really is not any normal bar when it comes to sanity. The "sane" are those in the middle, who tend to do okay in society, get married and have puppies. They drive cars and have jobs. Maybe they protest a war, or invest in Google, but they are still considered sane by their peers. They're one of Us.

Then there are those individuals, standing on street corners, mumbling to themselves and vigorously scratching their unwashed groins. There are the shouters, barkers and howlers, who us normal people shy away from. We'll cross the street to avoid the looney at the bus stop. I was thinking last night about nervous breakdowns, and what constitutes a nervous breakdown. Is it a panic attack, when one feels immobile in the middle of the grocery store, feeling death at the door? Is it a day in bed, spent crying and manically twisting the sheets?

Too many questions. The answer is actually C.) All of the above. Too easy I know, but the truth is that we're all a little crazy. As soon as we awake, we start to believe all sorts of nonsense, like news headlines for instance. There is no news, except that you are still alive and viable and you may or may not have a choice about what you are about to do today. We believe that the sky is blue, but the color blue is just certain light waves being interpreted by our neurons as blue.

Your mind is just a big hallucination machine, giving you all sorts of reasons to behave "normally." This means believing that it's best not to run red lights, or say "Good morning shithead" when you first encounter your boss. It's impulse control, plus believing what we see and hear, when we know deep down that our senses are faulty, and we're all just trying to be on the same page of this freaky fantasy novel we find ourselves in.

If you wake up and find difficulty following the societal rules set before you: driving the wrong way down the freeway, spitting at passersby, and just generally being a nuisance, then you may be crazy. You may be labeled as looney, out of your fucking mind, and just a little batty. Otherwise, take your seat please.

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