Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Brief Respite

I may have used that title before actually. It's one of my favorite phrases. I'm always on the lookout for a brief respite. They say that one should stop and smell the roses, but I prefer the fragrance of evergreens. Seeing a slug doesn't make me cringe and run out to buy slug bait. I make friends with spiders. Crows, on the other hand, still give me the cold shoulder.

So, tomorrow will be a mental health day. I have received permission from the powers-that-be to use March 4th to engage in personal activity. I will get paid to be myself for a day, and that's always nice. What's even nicer is that the giant nuclear furnace in the sky will not be obscured by clouds tomorrow. I'll take a brief respite any day, but it helps when it's sunny.

My family and I were away last weekend, invited by acquaintances to share their time-share condo by the water. I say acquaintances, because using the term friends would be pushing it. I don't like to lie, especially when the truth is more convenient...and funnier. This was a plush fancy resort...in 1965, but I enjoyed walking by the water, and taking toke breaks under the moonlight without hearing the 71 bus pulling up across the street. My hosts were very respectful and gracious in that they stayed out of my way the entire weekend. They politely kept themselves glued to their respective iPads, iPhones and iEgos. When they did speak it was to inform us of some superior position that they hold.

I don't mind writing -- and, yes, judging a little -- about this family we stayed with last weekend. They both work at Amazon, so technically they are the enemy. I should have been trying to obtain company secrets in an attempt to bring them down. Amazon will fall on its on some day, because anything top heavy will eventually teeter and crash to reality. The rich among us -- you can see them by their glittering baubles -- always forget this fact. Material objects and greed will suck your soul dry, but since I don't believe in souls, I'll just say that that type of consumerist materialism makes one an asshole. Don't we have enough of those around already? Just look behind you.

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