Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fanaticism and Its Aftermath

Okay. Maybe not fanaticism. How about super fandom? Seattle doesn't get fanatic about sports. That's why we no longer have a basketball team, or Ichiro. The fans in Seattle did have hope though, and that was visually displayed by their t-shirts and flags, made in China, of course. They had hope that their team the Seahawks could win back to back Super Bowl championships. In the end, the Seahawks literally threw the game into the other team's hands. Game over. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Does this loss  by our city's football team mean that everyone will be mopey on Monday? [Hey! There's a future title: Mopey on Monday.] Some certainly will be, just as some will be hungover, wondering if it was all worth it. I work in a bookstore, where customers are usually focused on more esoteric matters. There were certainly many folks though, who may have never watched the Super Bowl before, but jumped aboard this year, because Hey, Two Years in a Row! Men getting concussions, products being sold by the minute, and executives running the NFL, rolling in dough, partly because they bribed members of congress to make the NFL a not for profit organization. Not to mention the millions of tax payers' dollars they swindle to obtain these mega-stadium deals. I could go on, but you should just read Against Football by Steve Almond.

There were still fireworks going off after the game. There are many east coast transplants here, plus people probably thought, "Well shit! We done got the fireworks. We might's well blow 'em off! Yee-hah!" It's all so silly, when some of us live paycheck to paycheck, and our country is engaging in wars that half of us don't even know about. Football is a diversion and a very successful and profitable one. I've always been on the outside of these lemming fests. Sometimes being on the outsides is depressing, but attempting to be someone I am not is even more painful.

On my Monday I will not mourn the Seahawks loss, but rejoice in the fact that I had to foresight to schedule Friday as a vacation day. I've been needing a mental health day since the retail madness of that Peace-on-Earth holiday. There are a few things to get through before I can enjoy Friday, but I won't  mope from day to day, because there are too many minutes to enjoy before then. Minutes filled with the screeches of a Steller's jay, or when the neighbors fat cat comes by in the morning to get scratched and say hello. Even when the sun is AWOL, there are still beautiful rain clouds to observe, and the intense green of the flora that runs through our neighborhood.

I hasten to even look to see what the weather forecast is for Friday, but rain or shine, I will seek solace in nature. I had a fortune cookie recently, and the slip of paper read, "There is a vacation waiting for you in the mountains." I'm going to make that little fortune cookie live up to its word.

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