Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Identity Crisis

Damn! I actually misspelled my last name in the last post. And what was I thinking, putting my last name in a post? The author of this blog is Hayduke, a character from Edward Abbey's seminal work The Monkey Wrench Gang. I try to maintain different identities on the internet, but they all add up to thoughts originating from the same mind. The mind of Mark, the Markster, and your friendly neighborhood bookseller. "Can I interest you in a Paul Auster perhaps? Have you read Murakami yet? Oh, you're 'so done' with Murakami...okay." And so forth.

It's Tuesday evening and I closed the store tonight. That means I didn't get home until about 10:30pm and now I'm in my winding down mode. Actually, at this point I've done wound down. It's about time to slip outside and take one last look at the moon -- if the clouds and mist have cleared -- and then crawl into bed, and drift off into a dreamland filled with vaguely familiar landscapes and all too familiar emotions.

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