Friday, January 2, 2015


Damn! It's been a long week. On Monday we made a tenth of what we made on Christmas eve. When people are done holiday shopping, they are done...unless -- of course -- you make everything in the store 20% on New Year's Day. As someone once said, "If you put it on sale, they will come." So, we had a banner day in the store yesterday, and I was too damn tired last night to even open my book. I watched a little Star Trek -- long enough to see Benedict Cumberbatch make his appearance -- and then I decided early to bed would be wise, and by early I mean 11:30pm. Today I'm back at the bookstore. The crowds from yesterday have disappeared, and we're now back to the usual queue for coffee in the cafe, and stops at the front counter for the daily newspaper.

Fridays are always nice, because the manager is off today. I'm sure that I noticeably slack off when the big boss man is not around, but it is Friday. In fact, I've been here for a half hour already. It's almost time for a break. (Just kidding. Although I missed my toke break this morning, and I do plan on attending the church on the corner for a little bit, or at least sit on the back steps of this god building, and imbibe my herb.)

Well, I missed making my reading goal for 2014. I've already got one book chalked up for the new year: Spanking the Maid by Robert Coover. A short piece of post-modernism. There was definitely a lot of spanking in it's mere 102 pages, but if only the maid would do her job properly. Now I'm on to free will and Sam Harris's book of the same title. I would not absorb any of the neuro-philosophical goodies if I'm exhausted though, so I'm putting off starting it until this weekend. I need a fresh mind to understand the concept that I have no free will.

On the resting front, I had way too much to dream last night. It seems the gist of my dream was the act of me getting fired from some big company. Tears were shed, as I plead my case, and -- of course -- I was in the right. I was escorted off the property. Stress in my dreams is a sign that I need a camping trip. That's my theory anyway. I can feel the need building for a trip to the mountains to assuage my citified stress. I'd rather not be camping in this freezing climate though, and that could put the kibosh on that least for another month or two.

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