Monday, January 12, 2015


Lately I have had a craving for a McDonald's cheeseburger, fries and Coke. I haven't eaten at McDonald's in a dog's age. (There is a pun in that last sentence somewhere, but I'm not going to go looking for it.) Not that I don't have a burger once in a while, I do, but I usually have a chicken burger. Fear of beef and all. When I'm in a burger and fries mood I usually choose the local Burgermaster on Aurora, because they're food is pretty dependable. Plus, it's still a drive up, where you roll down car window, and they hang the food tray on it, and take your order. Sometimes on sunny weekends, the drive-up restaurant is filled with classic cars. It reminds me of the A&W drive-up restaurants of my youth.

If I'm going to slum it at all, I go to Wendy's. She's pretty hot and juicy, or so they say, but the last guy who took my order had a neck tattoo and looked like he was late for the weekly meeting with his parole officer. But my order is fairly simple: two chicken burgers with only cheese and pickles. They can never get it right though. It's just too simple for them. I understand that when you're on an assembly line, special orders can upset you, but it's pretty basic. Wendy is just not as hot and juicy as she used to be. Take my word for it.

I still crave the old powdered Nestea Iced Tea that I used to get in the tall bottle. Just a heaping teaspoon in a cold glass of water and I was all set. That was my drink of choice for my first couple of decades (discounting the formula of the first few years, of course.) Now I can barely find a can of that metallic-tasting Arizona iced tea. It's all about energy drinks, and other colored drinks that brag about having 5% juice in them. No kidding. I buy Simply Lemonade and it's tasty lemonade. It's a full 11% juice, which is about as good as it gets these days.

Don't even get me started on V8. There were once know for their 100% vegetable juice drink, but now they're marketing V8 Splash, which has as little as 5% juice and also includes artificial food dyes, high-fructose corn syrup, and sometimes artificial sweeteners such as sucralose or acesulfame potassium. WTF V8? Oh, that's right. It's not about health food, it's about marketing. If you can get dolts to shell out their hard-earned cash for artificially colored sugar water with some cancer causing chemicals for good measure then good on ya mate.

Now where was I? Oh right cravings. So I seem to be concentrating on food cravings: cheeseburgers, iced tea and who can forget Del's frozen lemonade in the summertime? Who even knows about Del's on the west coast? I remember when I first joined the air force, the first things I started to miss from home was the food. J&D's pizza, Sax steak sandwiches. It's a food based nostalgia. Everything tastes better in our memories, but I really do think that McDonald's cheeseburgers were probably much better in the late 1970's and early '80's. We even had Burger King and Burger Chef in Massachusetts, along with Friendly's and Bliss Brothers. Today everything is injected with hormones and dyes, but my memories are still 100% organic. No fillers.

There are many other types of cravings to be sure, but the hunger craving is one of the most satisfying once sated. These days I sometimes get the midnight munchies and crave a Payday bar, and a Simply Lemonade. Tonight I was craving Popsicles. Cherry and lemon primarily, but a natural icy fruit bar for sure. I've already eaten about four of them, and I'm craving another. Are you craving anything at the moment? Do you have the free will to resist? Or is resistance futile, as it usually is?

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