Monday, January 5, 2015

A Heart Full of Monday

Yes, it's Monday, whatever that means. I'm doubting everything today, from calendars to correct change. It's Monday and it feels like a typical Monday. Kids are back in school after holiday break. Relatives and friends that were in town visiting, are now back home, remembering what a nice time they had in Seattle. I'm shelving books all afternoon, which seems to be my life's path. As long as I don't lose my knack for alphabetizing, I should be okay. Customers like me, because I'm polite and I live by the old standard treat others as you would expect to be treated. An no, I don't have any religious backing for my moral stance. I am nice to others, because I believe that is the right way to be. I feel empathy for others, and that causes me to be nice to clerks, old people and the homeless.

At the present moment, I am at lunch. After eating a couple of bagels at Bagel Oasis, I came back to our office/break room and decided to let my fingers run along the keys and create a blog post. Do I really have anything vital to add to society today? I doubt it. My mind keeps drifting back to my warm bed of this morning, and the option of getting comfortable on the couch, and starting my new book. All pleasures that must be delayed until I am released from my shift. Would they even be perceived as pleasures without the drudgery of work to compare and contrast. Does good exist without evil? Hmmm.

I traded in five books today, and got enough credit to buy three books to take home. I bought one book just to tear it apart. Not literally, although that may come in time, but figuratively. Eric Metaxas' Everything You Always Wanted to Know About God (but were afraid to ask.) This guy thinks he's Mr. Funny stuff, and he must be successful, because he lives in Manhattan, and writes for Veggie Tales. Well, I plan to reawaken my religion and politics blog, just to criticize his piece o' crap book. I paid just over four bucks, so I could enjoy myself, while criticizing Mr. Metaxas' ignorance. Stay tuned.

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