Tuesday, December 16, 2014

No Time to Lose...

...and certainly no time to be found. Some folks are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. No, I don't mean that people are spinning about with blood spurting from their neck stumps and their wings flapping wildly, but I do mean that they are bustling about confusedly and seemingly without direction. Thankfully, their consumerist compass brings then into our bookstore this time of year. I get to recommend some of my favorite titles to customers and thank my self-control that I am able to bite my tongue when they insist on purchasing brain-eating crap. (Yes, I do judge you by what you read.)

Even though I miss some of the red and green celebratory craziness of this season, by being on the other side of the retail counter, I have enough on my metaphorical plate to keep my stress up enough without adding debt to it. I know Debt. Debt is not a friend of mine. If you see Debt, tell him I'm coming for him. Living in such a varied society brings its own stress, I don't need to add last minute fevered shopping to that list of life's ups and downs. I'm still trying to find equanimity. You know: balance.

I hope I was never naive enough to think that by my age I would have everything figured out, but I did think I would be a little more settled and content. I didn't think I'd still be dealing with some of that same decades old detritus that I've been dealing with for years. I'm still on my quest for enlightenment, or at least a good meal at a decent price. One must learn to be satisfied by the little things in life. In fact, I'm trying to be better about stopping to smell the roses -- as they say -- or searching the night sky for stars. I'm trying to be better about pulling my camera out for photo ops on my walks to and from work. Why bother to carry my camera with me all the time if I don't stop to snap a digital representation of life at that moment?

Stopping to take pictures is just part of my effort to stop and take stock. We all need to pause once in a while and think about the bigger picture and then distill that down to the minutest ideas. Sometime a pause is what is needed to allow those everyday stresses -- fractures in our emotional make-up -- to whither away and drift off with the breeze. The next time you're outside on a cold day, look up into the tops of the trees. See if you can spot a squirrel's nest, composed of sticks and leaves. Think of that little creature, bundled up and napping through the worst of winter....Now think of your shopping list, and how much there is still to be done before Christmas and New Year's. Who's better off? Rocky J. Squirrel or you?

So, time to put on my other shoe and head on down the street to Ye Olde Third Place. Thanks for reading. Comments and questions are welcome, but spelling and politeness count.

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