Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Good Things Come...

...But must I wait? This Friday morning we will be dropping Justin off at school, and then we will be meeting with a lawyer for what we are calling our "fresh start" meeting. No, we're not about to call it quits, especially as we're about to leave for a little celebratory getaway. We will be doing something to pry these debt collectors off our backs though. Just two trips back east, and a few trips to the emergency room, and all of a sudden we have to sell our boat, and put our condo in Maui up for lease. Oh well...the real pleasures in life are free...except weed. That's still ten dollars a gram.

So, I admit that I started to pack for this trip last night. We will be staying in a tree house, but it won't be like we're roughing it. They do have a television and DVD player, so I started to throw some movies in a bag last night. I also put a couple of books in there. We're only gone four nights, so I probably don't need to bring more than a half dozen books. This tree house is also supposed to be about a half mile walk to the beach, so I'm hoping to get in some nice walks every day; get out there in the brisk sea breeze with the prospect of an afternoon nap dancing in my head.

There is not really any cooking facilities at this place, so we may have to survive on cheese, crackers and champagne for the duration. Breakfast is included, and meals can be ordered on request. We may even get energetic one evening and check out the Whidbey nightlife. (That's a little joke there, since "Whidbey midnight" is ten pm.)

I'm just looking forward to having enough time off with my wife, so that we lose track of time. We'll have to remind ourselves what day it is, so that we don't miss the ferry back on Tuesday afternoon, which is our actual anniversary. We're celebrating three years married on November 18th. Three years of marriage to wife number three. I really do think that the third time is the charm.

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