Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Far and Away

It's times like these (post-Ferguson) that I realize that I am not only physically distant from my family, but ideologically and politically, we're not even in the same universe. It saddens me, because to me equality and justice and paramount in any society, but those do not seem to be vital ideals to my parents and siblings. I don't consider moving from New England to south of the Mason/Dixon line an excuse to throw away decent ideals and adopt the ignorance of those around you. When I realize my ignorance about a subject I read a book, and do some research, but others seem to find their ignorance a comfortable place like a their favorite immoral pillow.

Moving on: Yes, I do get nostalgic for the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas.) I miss being with family and sharing a special meal with them. I miss the ambiance created by the  seasonal smells, holiday lights and other decor. I've never been much for celebrating holidays; never cared much for Boss's Day or Flag Day, but I have no moral injunction against enjoying myself. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for family members who don't often see each other to get together and socialize, consume food and take naps. If only we could stop theses revelers from getting up the next morning and becoming part of the crazed mobs on Black Friday.

So far, our plans for the holiday are to see two least one anyway. We're planning on seeing "Interstellar" on the big screen. I'll be giving thanks for Christopher Nolan's creativity, having the day off (even though it's without pay,) and spending time with my honey. (Even though I've been a little jealous of her deity lately. He always gets priority.)

As always, no offense is meant by any of the above. Just the thoughts of a random bookseller, about to prepare his standard lunch, consisting of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Cool Ranch chips and a Coke.

Oh, and a big THANKS to whomever happens to read my blog periodically. This bud's for you!

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