Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Far and Away

It's times like these (post-Ferguson) that I realize that I am not only physically distant from my family, but ideologically and politically, we're not even in the same universe. It saddens me, because to me equality and justice and paramount in any society, but those do not seem to be vital ideals to my parents and siblings. I don't consider moving from New England to south of the Mason/Dixon line an excuse to throw away decent ideals and adopt the ignorance of those around you. When I realize my ignorance about a subject I read a book, and do some research, but others seem to find their ignorance a comfortable place like a their favorite immoral pillow.

Moving on: Yes, I do get nostalgic for the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas.) I miss being with family and sharing a special meal with them. I miss the ambiance created by the  seasonal smells, holiday lights and other decor. I've never been much for celebrating holidays; never cared much for Boss's Day or Flag Day, but I have no moral injunction against enjoying myself. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for family members who don't often see each other to get together and socialize, consume food and take naps. If only we could stop theses revelers from getting up the next morning and becoming part of the crazed mobs on Black Friday.

So far, our plans for the holiday are to see two least one anyway. We're planning on seeing "Interstellar" on the big screen. I'll be giving thanks for Christopher Nolan's creativity, having the day off (even though it's without pay,) and spending time with my honey. (Even though I've been a little jealous of her deity lately. He always gets priority.)

As always, no offense is meant by any of the above. Just the thoughts of a random bookseller, about to prepare his standard lunch, consisting of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Cool Ranch chips and a Coke.

Oh, and a big THANKS to whomever happens to read my blog periodically. This bud's for you!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Good Things Come...

...But must I wait? This Friday morning we will be dropping Justin off at school, and then we will be meeting with a lawyer for what we are calling our "fresh start" meeting. No, we're not about to call it quits, especially as we're about to leave for a little celebratory getaway. We will be doing something to pry these debt collectors off our backs though. Just two trips back east, and a few trips to the emergency room, and all of a sudden we have to sell our boat, and put our condo in Maui up for lease. Oh well...the real pleasures in life are free...except weed. That's still ten dollars a gram.

So, I admit that I started to pack for this trip last night. We will be staying in a tree house, but it won't be like we're roughing it. They do have a television and DVD player, so I started to throw some movies in a bag last night. I also put a couple of books in there. We're only gone four nights, so I probably don't need to bring more than a half dozen books. This tree house is also supposed to be about a half mile walk to the beach, so I'm hoping to get in some nice walks every day; get out there in the brisk sea breeze with the prospect of an afternoon nap dancing in my head.

There is not really any cooking facilities at this place, so we may have to survive on cheese, crackers and champagne for the duration. Breakfast is included, and meals can be ordered on request. We may even get energetic one evening and check out the Whidbey nightlife. (That's a little joke there, since "Whidbey midnight" is ten pm.)

I'm just looking forward to having enough time off with my wife, so that we lose track of time. We'll have to remind ourselves what day it is, so that we don't miss the ferry back on Tuesday afternoon, which is our actual anniversary. We're celebrating three years married on November 18th. Three years of marriage to wife number three. I really do think that the third time is the charm.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rain Brain

I love the dark grey winter skies of Seattle, but I'm ready for a little sun break. I've seen a vague orb of brightness behind layers of moisture, but the clouds beat it back every time. I'm always careful of little earth creatures as I walk to work, but lately there have been large earthworms stretched out on the wet sidewalks, and I have to do a little Gene Kelly dance to avoid smooshing them. On the plus side, with all this rain the mushroom growth has been amazing.

So, it's late on Wednesday evening. I am usually home by seven, but I was asked by a co-worker to switch shifts, so I worked from 2pm until 10pm. I have the desire to write more for this post, but the digital numbers have spilled over past midnight, and I'm still battling last week's cold. My stepson thinks he has Ebola, which is apparently why he hasn't been able to change the cats' litter box for the past two weeks.

If I let my thoughts wander tonight, they tend to go to the dark side, where I am angry about the election and the surrounding ignorant masses that inevitably screw up real human progress every time. We get the electorate we deserve, but I didn't ask to be born into this egotistical backward-looking society. We are given our lot in life, purely by lottery. Mix one part DNA, with one part environment and mix thoroughly. Then throw away that mix and roll the dice. Life is one big crap shoot.

I would find it very odd if there were truly some supernatural being, watching over us like some super Santa. No one can see him/her/it, and no one technology can pick up the presence of this supposed deity. And yet, folks claim to have this thing called faith, which basically means that they are going to believe in God (or unicorns, or leprechauns, or trolls, or the Loch Ness Fucking Monster.) whether proof exists or not. If they took the time to reason it out, they would plainly see that believing in a supernatural deity, and worshiping that deity is a big waste of time. Maybe you don't think about your belief much, and just keep it in the back of your mind in the room that Pascal designed...
Oh shit! I'm going off on a tangent, and a risky one at that. The smart thing to do at this point is to pack a bowl (What does he mean, "pack a bowl"?) and head out to the deck one more time. I'll keep listening to this Arctic Monkey playlist and let my stresses about things I have no control over drift off towards the morning, which is still about five hours to the east. Stay chill my friends, and remember that the best things in life are always free, with purchase.