Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Broken Bells - Control

Arctic Monkeys

The Road is Long

Tuesday! You sometimes bring blog posts. Why don't you ever bring comfort to the enemy? Or alms for the poor? I don't actually feel like writing a blog post today. I feel like walking into the wilderness for an indeterminate amount of time; until my head clears. Tuesday is usually my day to sleep in, but that's not possible if my mind has been fucked with. I didn't have a restful sleep to begin with, but after I awoke at eight this morning, I could not possibly get back to sleep. I would have had bad dreams with tears and feelings of loss. No thank you. Not this Tuesday.

So, I sit here in my mess of an office, and yearn for some clarity in the distance. Someone to nod their head and say, "Oh yeah. I get it." Not very likely in this universe. Maybe in some other dimension, I am more forceful and people take me more seriously. In this universe, I'm just so much psychological refuse.

I have too much to mentally digest today. I think I'll leave these hurtful thoughts for another day. It wouldn't do me any good to bring these feelings of depression and alienation with me to work, but leaving them on the side of the road is not as easy as throwing a cigarette butt out of the car window.

Oh well. The Arctic Monkeys performance at the Paramount was awesome, as expected. I don't see myself going to any other shows any time soon. The days of regular concert-going are over. If I don't watch my ass, my days of regular meals may be over soon too. Trust is a fragile commodity these days.