Monday, July 14, 2014

Dangerous Clowns

Don't ask me what the title of this blog post means. I have no idea. I was looking for a phrase to describe my Monday state of mind, and that's what came out. It is Monday, and it's still hot. Hot as in, I need a fan (granted, not my biggest fan, but a fan nonetheless) blowing directly on my head before I can get any semblance of sleep. I guess I really am a hothead.

One of my 80-year-old customers with a serious book addiction, told me the other day that I had "definitely" lost weight. I would suspect walking to and from work every day, and sometimes in 90 degree weather, has something to do with that. I think of walking as being more important for my mental well-being than my physical state, but I am more concerned with my mental health anyway.

It was a busy past week, with my son with us for his first full week of the summer. He's leaving today for Florida. I'll have him in my thoughts every day. First I never thought I would be a dad (I used to see parents with children and mutter "breeders,") but never say never. I wouldn't change a thing. Justin is such a vital part of me now.

I am at work, but I'm bored and anxious to get out of the store for a bit, and grab some lunch. It will most likely be the old stand-by, bagels, but I have no complaints. Then I usually sit outside for the remaining half hour of my hour lunch. There's a nice private spot behind a nearby church, but at this time of day, the sun is blazing full-bore onto my usual sitting rock. Sweating and relaxing don't seem to mesh, unless one is in a sauna.

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