Tuesday, July 22, 2014

As the Galaxy Turns

Here we go. Another Tuesday morning. I will be heading into work in a couple of hours for my 2 to 10 pm shift. In the meantime, I have some time to write. Yesterday I felt quite low, but today I feel a little higher. Granted, some of that feeling might be from the fact that I just came in from the deck. I'm also enjoying this spot of grey weather. It's nearly August, which also means that it's nearly October. Autumn is the only season that I yearn to be back in New England, walking through the woods at the most idyllic time of the year.

Lately I have started to crave some solitude in addition to the usual need for quietude. Every evening I sit on my deck and contemplate the universe. I've realized that I need more than an hour or so to do that. It also helps to be out of the hearing range of such annoyances as sirens, neighbor's dogs. bus stops, drunks stumbling home, and so forth. So, I guess I'm trying to convince myself that a two-night sojourn to the mountains is what's required. Hence my tentative plans to take a camping trip at the end of September. The crowds will have dispersed by then, because most of the lemmings stop camping after Labor Day.

It would also be good for me to be out of wi-fi range for a bit. I'm not a smart phone addict by any means. In fact, I try and keep the dumbest phone currently on the market, but it would be refreshing to be off the FB feeds for a bit, and all the other internet distractions. I'm always craving reading time, so two days in the woods without the internet will help accomplish that. So, I wrote the two vacation days on the calendar, which makes in official in some kind of unofficial manner.

Anybody who knows me knows of my love of music. I love all kinds of music except the crappy kind, and I get to decide what is crap and what is not. (Kind of like the difference between shit and Shinola.) For instance, if you're a hater of Prince, Adele, Rita Ora or any hip-hop, you can go ahead and get off the boat. And not everyone can aurally handle Ornette Coleman or Frank Zappa and sometimes those guys are just the right sustenance for my soul (which -- I realize -- is non-existent.) During the anxiety of stress of the adoption waiting game -- before Justin arrived -- Zappa and Ornette Coleman were about all I listened to. For some reason their discordant and unorthodox sound fit the rhythms of my agitate state and smoothed the mood. Music really does hath charms to sooth the savage breast...even mine.

Rita Ora is not the only music that has been penetrating my eardrums lately. Here a few tunes by Broken Bells, who I just started to listen to on a regular basis.

Here is one last music video by the Bee Gees, er...I mean Broken Bells.

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