Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Some Sun Sometimes

Today is a full-fledged spring day. I would need to put sun screen on, if I was going to lounge under today's sunny rays. Of course, I am due to walk to work in about a half hour. I'll only be able to enjoy the sun through the bookstore's windows, and through customer's comments: "Oh, it so beautiful out there! You should get out in it if you can!"

I finished reading Seeing Red last night. As with most books on consciousness, comprehending it is like trying to grasp mercury. Perception vs. sensation. That was the gist of it. Also, that smudge of time again. The fact that we don't experience things as they happen is a tough fact to understand, but the fact is that our past overlaps slightly with our present, as does our future. We live in a smudge of time, which helps us to use our consciousness to reflect on this amazing world.

So next in the reading queue is Blood Will Out by Walter Kirn. It's considered a true crime book, but --from what I've heard -- it ends up being more about Kirn and his constant craving for a higher status in society. His contact with Clark Rockefeller was yet another one of those attempts. Kirn will be reading at the bookstore in our Pub Series, and it can't hurt to read his book ahead of time. The only other thing that I read by him was Thumbsucker, which was quite good. I have avoided seeing the film version of Up in the Air, because I want to read the book first.

I'm trying to make this Tuesday morning post a habit. Sometimes the task is finding things to write about. Oh, I could rant and whine all day long about what irks me in life, but I wouldn't foist that on anyone voluntarily. The amount of "news" that I take in these day is miniscule compared to how I used to soak up information. After the Bush years, I just decided that spending time fretting about world events that I have no control over will just put me in an early grave.

The same goes for religion, as much as I despise the tradition of religion being used to control the subservient masses. These little clubs of fantasists should really be taxed, and they shouldn't be exempt from criticism. But these are my feelings and they are not necessarily shared by the people I know, no matter how much they may care about me. My biases are entirely subjective and I shouldn't hold others responsible for the anger I have built up over the years due to the widespread ignorance I see around me. That being said,............

The sun is still shining. No sudden claps of thunder to prompt us to jump out of our skins. No hail intending dents on various car hoods. The birds are happy, because the insects have woken up. "Food!" And I have 45 minutes until I have to "clock in." Forty five minutes to make believe that I can stay ensconced on my sun-warmed deck, and read, read, read. Life wouldn't be half the fun without my mind.

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