Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Already?

I'm sitting here at work on a Friday morning. It's the second day in a row that I have opened the store. I like opening, because I get out at four o'clock on those days, but it starts to wear me down, because I haven't gotten as much sleep lately. First thing this morning, while showering actually, I was planning some way to take a nap after work. It would certainly make the rest of the evening easier to handle. It is family game night, after all. I got paid today, but like the majority of my paychecks, most of it is already slated to pay bills.

The sunrise was amazing this morning. I felt the urge to smoke a bowl of legal herb, and watch the progress of the sun, and then return to bed once it was well on its path to noontime. There is not a lot of time for that type of leisurely morning any more. One must get up and work to pay bills. Parenting always takes a lot of energy. I'm so glad that I got rid of cable TV, because reading is much more fun, and if I had the opportunity to watch mindless TV more that would be just more time wasted. Time is a commodity that one cannot afford to waste. At least not in this limited lifetime of ours.

I'm a relatively happy guy these days, considering that happiness is overrated anyway. I try not to worry too much about institutions that I owe money too, because I've actually tried to get blood out of a stone before and I deemed the effort impossible. So they can call my cell phone all they want, but I rarely ever answer that evil little piece of electronics.

I started a book a few days ago, that keeps calling me back to its pages. Case Histories is my introduction to the writing of Kate Atkinson, and I will definitely be returning to the literary well for more. It's engaging, well written and profoundly emotional in its depth. Reading is definitely a passion of mine that will never lessen. I've always wanted to just hide away in a remote cabin somewhere with nothing but time to read (and smoke herb, and make love to my wife and......)

Well, I could probably fill up the rest of my work day with mindless ramblings on this blog that I so often ignore, but instead I will make an attempt to at least look like I'm working.