Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Two Weeks and Counting

Two weeks until Christmas Eve. I will be working that day, but most likely I'll get dismissed at about 6pm. I usually work 2pm to 1030pm on Tuesdays, but I will have to go in early that day in an attempt to get my full 8 hours. We don't get paid for Christmas (WTF!), so I can use all the time I can get at this point. Then comes New Years Eve and New Year's Day when I work a regular shift, kowtowing to all those lucky folks who have paid holidays.

I've been really enjoying my reading time lately, even though it looks like I won't make my goal of having 45 books read by the end of the year. Oh well, having read 40 books will be enough of an accomplishment. There's always next year and my goal then will be to read deeper into my collection, picking up tomes I've been promising to get to before I croak. That time is now, or rather begins next year. I'm still trying to pare down my book collection, but finding books to trade in has always been one of my hardest tasks.

It's time to take a stroll to work. Here's hoping the day goes by quickly and smoothly.