Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pills for the Poor

Depressed? Take a pill. Still cannot get used to what is going on in your life? Here...take another pill. Medicine is no longer about care. It's about "How fast can we get you out of here?"

Yes, the world can be a cruel and unjust environment, but I am not one to await some type of supernatural salvation. If one wants to improve the world they live in, then that individual should take action to change the world. Start local and then go after the big boys. Never fear the big boys. Never fear going after something bigger than you if you are confident of your position. I will not waver in my value of knowledge and intelligence. If I spit out some ugly truths that make you uncomfortable, then you are free to go to another web site, un-friend me, or just plain ignore me.

I have been an outcast ever since I can remember. I was adopted, so I have never felt the blood kinship that goes along with family. I found out very early that I was quite different that any of my siblings or parents. They couldn't understand my frustration with the world around me. They didn't know how to talk to me, or more importantly, listen to me. I am passionate about what disturbs me in this world, but I'm tired of stifling my screams.

I am not a very well-liked individual, but maybe part of the reason for that is that I insist of being an individual. You are not likely to bring me to your view of the world without absolute evidence. I'm not going down any unknown path without first investigating who made the path, designed it and started to lead people down that path. I will not follow anyone blindly. Being on the outside makes me a very sad person...and yes, angry. I'm easily angered by ignorance and especially passing on that ignorance to the next generation.

So, I am off to work in a little bit. The car is here, but I choose to walk for my own well-being. It is my night shift, so I will not leave work until 10 pm. In the meantime I get to think about the fact that I've now been prescribed yet another anti-depressant (to work along with the one I already take.) I have to continue pill up as if I am the one that's insane. Oh well...life goes on...whether we will it to or not.