Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dog Days of August

But what kind of dog is it? Who knows. I only know that I've been avoiding this blog, because I tend to use it to rant and whine about anything and everything that rains on my parade. I'm usually quite open on these posts, because I'm convinced that no one ever reads it. It's easier to speak my mind when I think I'm the only one listening.

So today being Tuesday, I am working the evening shift, which translates to 2pm to 10:30pm. I work with Alex who I think of as Matter-of-Fact Man. He's so damn serious and acts like the bookstore is being held up on his bony shoulders. Me on the other hand: I love recommending books to fellow readers and I even enjoy shelving and straightening the thousands of books in stock. But -- to be honest (and I always try to be honest)-- I'd rather be doing a variety of other things than working in that wonderful little bookstore in the Ravenna neighborhood. I could give you a list....

It is a brilliantly mid-August day here in Seattle. I was up quite late, working on my other blog(s), which are on tumblr. I am an honest guy, but some blogs are better left unseen by the general public (and more specifically older relatives.) I'd love to live my life -- with all my varied interests -- out in the open, but one has to consider the sensitivities of others. Or at least I do anyway. Seattle is a wonderful place to live openly though. We recently legalized both recreational marijuana use, and gay marriage. I am a firm believer in personal liberties, so I think the passage of these laws are no-brainers. If you are not hurting anybody else, than we should your neighbor give a shit about you do? They shouldn't.

My writing always tend to turn into rants. Either that or it morphs into erotic fiction. It's just a reflection of the way my mind works. So, when I sit down to write a post -- if I'm not addressing a specific issue -- then my mind tends to wander, and the next thing you know, I'm ranting about stupid people, working on sunny days, and the general lack of compassion in the world around us.

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