Thursday, March 21, 2013

In a Mood

And it's not Mood Indigo. I'm in the mood to rant. When am I not in the mood to rant, right? But being clear-eyed for a day or two, brings all the stuff up to the surface, into the bright light of my consciousness, to be examined and then judged and ranted about.

I've always known that I would be a happier soul (?) in the midst of an unpeopled wilderness, but that was not in my plans. Well, lets say it was in my plans, but my plans fell short. Now my plan is to survive into old(er) age, with a minimum of stress and a maximum of love for my family. Love should solve everything, but I've always taken too much to heart. It's hard to watch injustices unfold on a daily basis in our society. It's difficult to watch as the ignorant masses go forward with no clue. By no clue, I mean no curiosity to figure things out on their own. No impetus to research and makes decisions for themselves based on reason. It makes an old curmudgeon like me even more curmudgeonly. That's no fun.

We will be seeing Brian Regan performing at the Paramount here in Seattle this Saturday. He never fails to make me laugh, and there has been many a dark night when I listened to his comedy album on my iPod and let those stresses float away on the evening breeze...only to return upon waking.

I'm hoping we can get lucky and see Jim Gaffigan later in the summer. Then I would have seen two of my favorite stand-up acts in one year. That would be a treat.

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