Friday, March 8, 2013

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Well, not that different really. Just more rants from a dissatisfied customer. It is Friday, which means I have the next two days off. That's a good thing. It's payday, but since I have already mentally spent $400, then technically I'm broke. That's my usual situation on payday though. I'm never going to actually save enough money for a Maserati anyway. I just like to keep myself supplied with books, and weed. Everything else I enjoy in life is relatively free. It's never fun being one of the working poor here in America. We're supposed to keep ourselves in debt, yet happy, buying shiny trinkets like iPhones and so forth. But most of the people I know are not happy...unless they're delusional. It's not easy to walk through life, wishing you were one of the delusional ones, so that life would be you down so much.

I've always quested for answers, because the life we're in the midst of just seems to be lacking. As humans, we seem capable of so much more, but we waste our time fighting wars, and not just physical violent wars, but culture wars! Culture wars? You know...that's when one faction is offended by the practices of another faction, and decided to use whatever power at their disposal to influence those they disagree with. Ignorant folks sit at home, absorbing propaganda from the airwaves, and get all up in arms about things that actually have absolutely no effect on their lives. Witness gay marriage: I don't think I've ever heard a clear explanation on how gay marriage threatens heterosexual couples, who happen to be married. These same puritans never seemed to get as upset by the high divorces rates (especially in conservative Christian middle-America), or the fact the Elvis imitators routinely perform wedding ceremonies.

* * * *

Here I am on a Friday with 44 minutes to go until lunch. I'm having a very hard time getting motivated at work today. I should be pricing and shelving books, but I just want a day in the sun. Who doesn't want a say in the sun, huh? The bright side is that after lunch I only have a mere 2 and a half hours of work left. The dark side is all around me: lack of funds, upcoming medical procedures, (a momentary) lack of herbal relief, bill collectors knocking on the door, the IRS keeping my name on a list. I could go on, but I will resist. Instead, I will go back to work.

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