Monday, December 17, 2012

The Horror

The last few days have been a struggle. I'm sure that anyone who reads this blog knows of the horrible tragedy that occurred at an elementary school in a small town in Connecticut last Friday morning. I would be horrified even if I were not a parent, but being the father of a sweet six-year-old boy just makes the pain of the families involved unimaginable. I got outraged when I saw that the media was being their usual sleazy selves and interviewing the surviving children as they exited the schools. These poor little souls will probably never be able to fully process the horror they witnessed, and some local yahoo with a camera and an intrusive microphone only makes the horror that much more senseless. As a parent I would probably clock the first idiot who put a microphone in my child's face. I can only imagine that if I was the parent of one of the murdered children I would not be able to function. I feel so much already for my son's well-being, between wanting him to succeed in school and worrying about bullies at daycare. Life is difficult and full of suffering and as a parent, my responsibility is to keep Justin safe and do my best to guide him to adulthood.

* * * *

Winter is fully ready to begin here in the Pacific Northwest. That translates to very short days and lots of rain. It's been too dark to play Frisbee by five o'clock recently, besides cold blowing rain making any thought of outdoor games out of the question. My son is getting quite excited about Christmas, and says that mommy claims he'll get more toys than anybody. She's great at getting him amped up about upcoming events almost to the point of mania, but I realize that a lot of families run at this pace during the holidays. It makes me glad that we don't celebrate Christmas in our household. Justin is not quite understanding why we neglect all the gift and candy holidays, but he's trying to. He's not only a very inquisitive boy, but he wants to know that those close to him are happy. He's a little worried that we're missing out by not having a tree with a pile of gaudily wrapped gifts beneath it. I tried to tell him that we're planning on having fun by going to dim sum and then following that up with a double feature. It's a day off from work. A day that I get to spend with my honey and that's always a holiday for me!

Tomorrow (while as I write is Monday. It will be the start of a very busy week that will most likely go by in a blur. I will work Monday, Christmas eve until 5:30 if I don't end up leaving earlier due to the good graces of the management of Third Place. I expect to get a gift card for the bookstore and already (as I always do) have a cabinet full of books to choose from.

My mom took a fall recently, while in the doctor's office no less. She's currently in rehab ala Amy Winehouse, until she's mobile again. I'm sure they'll find a way to get her home sometime this week, so she can be with my dad for the upcoming holiday. It's times like this when we wish we lived closer to them, so we could help them out. It's tough to hear their voices on the phone and feel helpless; only able to give them encouraging words.

I'm continuing to try and post more regularly on this blog. I still consider it my main blog for text posts about my life. Facebook is Facebook, and best serves to frustrate and anger me lately. I've dropped a few "friends" due to their crackpot views, but these are friends I might have passed in the hallway in high school, but was never truly friendly with. Most folks that know me will tell you that I've been a successful loner most of my life, so the idea of having hundreds of friends of Facebook is just a tad silly. I still yearn for a true friend of two. Someone to hang out with once in while besides my wife -- even though I love her as much as the Sun loves being hot -- to shoot the proverbial shit with. Someone smart enough to hold conversations about culture, and philosophy without getting all hot under the collar.

* * * *

I could easily write all night once I get going, whether it's in my personal journal, or here for public consumption. I have particularly felt the need to get my thoughts down lately, so I'm hoping that means a few more posts on here before 12/25.

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