Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ho Ho Hum...

Let's is December 23rd. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. It's also Monday, and my work week begins on Monday. Tomorrow is no different. Well, I shouldn't bullshit you. Tomorrow is a little different. The store will be closing at 5:30 pm, and my shift usually ends at 6:30 pm, so that translates to me getting out an hour early. Now, it is also Christmas Eve and that means a lot to some people, so the bookstore will be open to satisfy those last minute customers and any atheists that need a good book to read while everything is closed on Tuesday.

We don't really have any traditions on Christmas in this household. A loosely held tradition is going out for dim sum and then to follow that up with a double feature of the latest hot movie or two. This year we're just so damn tired, and fed up with all the holiday craziness, that we will most likely just lay low on Tuesday. A true day off for my honey and I usually means that we get to sleep in. No precocious six-year-old bellowing for his breakfast, or insisting on some morning SpongeBob to get the day going. We get to cuddle under the covers a little longer, before rousing ourselves for some sustenance. We get to have our own pajama day!

I browsed the local film listings, but there wasn't anything that I'm so desperate to see that I will give up a pajama day for it. A pajama day sounds good, but at some point I start to get a little stir crazy. I'm one of those atheists who is going to wish that restaurants are open on Christmas day, even though I enjoy having a day off. What I don't enjoy is having Christmas day off without pay. As long as I have worked at this bookstore, we have done better every year (and I'm in no way taking any credit...I'm just saying) and the most we can expect to get at the end of the year are a few measly gift cards to establishments that the owner of Third Place Books has some interest in. I still haven't used my Top Pot gift card from last year.

I ranted enough in the past about our lack of holiday pay at the bookstore (we're only closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas,) so I'm not going to waste any pixels on that subject today. In other cheery holiday news: my mom having to stay in a physical rehabilitation facility over Christmas. That really bums her out, because her and my dad are still very traditional about Christmas, even if it's only the two of them there. I'd rather have her steady on her feet before she tries to resume her routine at home. It's tough to see one's parents get old, but I imagine it's even tougher from their standpoint.

I've just decided to stay right at 50 for a while. Oh, my body will continue to age, but I'm mentally staying right where I am. I do my best to keep a young outlook, which means not getting caught up in the daily woes that make the headlines. Stress is a big killer, and when you are like me, and don't believe in an afterlife, then you must make the best of the presentlife.

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