Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fuzzy Thinking

I have one of those rare mornings at home by myself. I feel like Macaulay Culkin, but without the pharmaceuticals. I had to go back and reread my last post, because I wrote it at 3:30 this morning. I wasn't inebriated, just tired. The post didn't reveal any state secrets, so I feel safe leaving it up there.

I got myself out of bed at 10:30 this morning, even though I probably didn't fall asleep until four. That's not a whole lot of sleep and I will probably be persuaded to take a nap with my honey later on this afternoon. It doesn't take much persuading to get me in bed with my pink-robed sweetheart.

I'm not the type to make New Year's resolutions. Instead, I make resolutions on a daily basis. As in today I will do some writing and then I do some writing. End of the year stuff makes me psychologically tired. I at least used to enjoy all those top-ten lists of best books, films and so forth. Lately though, it just all seems like so much hype, and I have enough influences. I have over two-thousand books, and I never seem to stop bringing them home, so I don't really need any new suggestions. I'll most likely peek at some of those lists though.

It is truly winter here in the emerald city. The rain never seems to abate. It may stop raining, but all the trees, and eaves continue to drip. Our little solar lanterns no longer alight at night, because there is not enough sunlight during the day to give them a charge. The damp darkness tries its best to seep into my mind, but I keep up the fight. You know the fight. We all have the same struggle to stay sane in what seems to be an insane world.

* * * *

The only comments I ever have to monitor on this blog are usually spam from some Russian somewhere about Uggs, or some other stupid shit. If I really ever get any readers, be they family, friend or unknown anonymous persons, I'd love to hear some commentary. It gets lonely out here in the ether.

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