Saturday, December 29, 2012

Counting Down

I believe there is there year end tradition this coming Monday night, called New Year's Eve. I have never been a partier, and certainly not on holidays. In the past I've enjoyed New Year's Eve, because local television stations would play back-to-back classic movies, such as the Marx Brothers. During my last marriage, most years my wife would be well asleep by the time midnight rolled around. Now my current (final and most wonderful) wife, and I will most likely be reading our respective books; or listening to music and just enjoying each others' company.

I had a rough work week, which thankfully ended at 5:30 yesterday evening. I made a meager attempt to leave at the beginning of my lunch break, but I was told "We'd all like to take the afternoon off." In other words, "If I can't leave early then neither can you." Such petty sentiment. I quickly acquiesced, not wanting to spike my blood pressure over a mere two and a half hours. I left for lunch with my honey and then returned for the last of the day. It was quiet, and I would have much preferred to have been napping, nestled next to my honey rather re-shelving books for the umpteenth time. But that's life: freedom is a fallacy.

I've had my share of self-induced stress lately. The mass murder/school shooting in Connecticut has darkened the entire holiday much more than living in the Pacific Northwest usually does. Meanwhile at the bookstore, we were experiencing one of our busiest seasons in the store's history. (Fuck you This past Tuesday was Christmas and -- as I have mentioned in previous posts -- we got the one day off from work, without pay no less. I could have benefited from having this afternoon free to nap, or read, or to just be with my family. Obviously my employers feel that my priorities should be other than they are. It's not easy being a wage slave, and the level of related annoyance arises as one ages.

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