Sunday, November 25, 2012

Back into the Fray

Sunday afternoon. Justin is asleep. He'll most likely wake up just before we need to drive him back to Jen's house (aka mommy.) He's been laying low all weekend, fighting some kind of bug. Two pajama-days in a row! I wish I could have had two pajama days in a row, but then again I would start to find myself going stir crazy. It's actually sunny out today, which is a pleasant change from the last week of relentless record-setting rain.

We are scheduled to go to the Triple Door tonight to see World Party. Part of me would like nothing better than to stay home, and start reading a new novel. But there is a part of me that would love to see World Party (aka Karl Wallinger,) because I've always enjoyed their music and have never had a chance to see them live. Maybe it's winter setting in, or maybe it's the fact that my honey and I had a nice three-day-weekend last week, and I'm just not ready to jump back into the fray quite yet.

Our getaway was very nice. Who couldn't enjoy three nights in a cozy cottage nestled in the woods, with the rains jut pounding away on the roof, while we whiled away the hours inside, reading, relaxing and...other fun stuff. I suppose there are those who would have craved the mall or their favorite television program, but that is not my honey and I. She enjoyed knitting, and I finished one book, and spent some time blogging. A very relaxing weekend that we should repeat often.

* * *

Overall life is good. My third marriage has turned out to be the best of the three. I'm so happy to have met my match before I either kicked or was too old and infirm to enjoy a good love life. Besides, I keep myself young by indulging in an herb that will be legal here in Washington on December 6th.  I was beginning to think that I would not see sensible drug laws in my lifetime, but here they are right on my own doorstep. We also passed gay marriage and elected a bunch of liberals here in Washington, which isn't always easy. Step outside of city limits and you quickly start to see the symbols of right wing ideology from flags waving to Bush stickers still on those pick-up truck bumpers.

I have found a home here in Seattle and it's environs. I have also found the love of my life. I could complain about minor and petty issues, and I often do, but here at home in Seattle things are good. I still struggle to let go of stuff that really has no substance, and shouldn't effect my life. We all have those struggles. Some days I just want to take a sick day and wander through the woods for an afternoon. I hate wasting sick days on being sick. I'd rather use them to refuel my soul. I know, I know. I have stated before that I don't believe in souls, but I'm talking about inner spirit; a joy de vivre. Not some everlasting gobstopper that floats about in the ether after your physical body is dead.

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