Monday, July 9, 2012


Normally I pray for slowness. Well, pray would be the wrong word, but I enjoy life at a quieter and slower pace than most of my fellow humans. The only place where slowness doesn't belong is at work. The day is sunny and a little hot. The doors to the bookstore are open. The crowds are staying at home, so that they can finally use their expensive grills. They are not into coming down to the bookstore on a Monday night to watch a half-dozen amateur magicians ply their craft. Or maybe they are. I know that I will be leaving for my dinner break at 7 pm, and the magic will not follow me home. I can guarantee you that!

I'm here until sunset tonight. That's not terrible, because I get to sleep in tomorrow, and I have Wednesday off. Wednesday we (my S.O. and I) will be going to Jazz Alley to see James Hunter. It should be a good show. I had reservations to see him once before and I had to cancel, so in a way this show will be a do-over for me.

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