Monday, July 9, 2012

Age and Exprience = Nothing

I am officially in my fifties now. Life can still be fun, but the more I know the less I understand. Sometimes I'm downright flummoxed. It's not easy being old, and full of experience,  but somehow it's either the wrong experience, or my age puts me on the wrong end of the equation. One thing I have learned though, is that many of the dreams I grew up on, are now going up in smoke. For decades I thought I would live in a cabin in Alaska, away from all the craziness of modern society. I'm now realizing that I will never live in a cabin in Alaska, but I might be lucky to visit Alaska.

My vacations are always few and far between anyway. I haven't had more than a long weekend in two years, and now we are planning a trip to Massachusetts to visit family, which will kill any vacation days I have saved up. In fact, I will not even have enough vacation days, but sometimes visiting family is a priority. I just wish visiting Jamaica with my Significant Other was just as high of a priority.

So I sit here on a Monday....Oops! My writing just got interrupted by a "good friend" from my youth. Now I'm out of time. Oh well, I'll pick up in another day (or month.)

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