Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weeks In, Weeks Out

Scheduling snafus both at home and at work. A difficult ex-wife, and a out-of-touch manager. Weather too cold for the region. A brother in dire straits. I could let these things get me down. I'm being asked to work harder for the holidays. Bring in those bucks that help prop up the 1%. Meanwhile, I pay all my bills at the last minute before late charges start to accrue. I wear my clothes until the number of holes in them force me to buy new clothes. Just scraping enough together for lunch is sometimes difficult.

All these little rants and what do they get me? I'd benefit greatly right now from a walk in the woods. Instead I will be walking to work, getting into my worker ant mode. It's not fun to watch customer after customer throw their plastic down without worry as their totals ring into the hundreds. I'm probably the official store curmudgeon at this point, but only to my co-workers. I somehow have the customer service gene or something, because I just cannot help being helpful to book lovers. Part of this is just my tendency to be nice to others. I may not be religious, but I do believe in the adage "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." That golden rule didn't originate in the bible anyway. In fact, good morals and just concern or others didn't originate there either.

I'm actually excited to have some author "friends" on Facebook, including a few of my favorites. I just have to use quotes for Facebook "friends," because it's like calling food "lite." It's a meaningless word used in that context. Lite beer, red drink and Facebook friends. Faux faux.

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