Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Today at Work

Wednesday is not my favorite day at work. For one's not Friday. And for another thing, I work with my two least favorite co-workers: The wastie princess, and the old schoolmarm, who still claims to be in her forties (I'm not buying it. She's at least sixty.) Their main problem is their conviction that they are somehow the hippest things in this store. They are sadly mistaken. A.)If one thinks one is hip, then one is automatically unhip. B.) There is no such thing as being hip. It's all just an overworked imagination and an excessive ego. These are people who spend their lives feeding on surface values. Depth is unknown to them. That's probably why they are happier than me. My depth causes me to sink to emotional depths sometimes. I get angered by stupidity and ill-treatment. In other words, I most often do not fit in here at work, even though I love books more than these hipster, and am better read than them. Being well-read just doesn't matter at the end of the least not in this society.

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