Thursday, December 1, 2011

Looking Towards Tomorrow

Looking towards tomorrow is very unZen, I realize, but tomorrow is Friday and this week it's also payday. Those are both pluses in my book. Oh, speaking of books: I finished reading Lawrence Block's Eight Million Ways to Die yesterday morning, and now consider myself an official fan of the Matthew Scudder series. I'll probably go back and start reading the series from the beginning to get all of Scudder's history. It's the kind of mystery that is more about the character and his travails. I much prefer characterization over complex plots.

I started William Giraldi's Busy Monsters, which I've been quite anxious to crack. I read the first 16 pages twice, just because it's so much fun to read. I constantly find myself wanting to read lines aloud to my wife, but she mentioned wanting to read it after me, so I have to keep mum. I cannot help laughing aloud though. This book is going to be fun and it's the 45th book I have read this year. I took a challenge on the GoodReads site, and set my goal at 45 books. I'll probably even get a few extra read before the year ends. That is the most books that I have read in a few years. It helps to be without cable. It also helps to live with someone, who is also a reader. The family that reads together grows smart together.

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