Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Fever

Here we are in the week between Christmas and New Year. Nobody wants to work. We all just want a break from the craziness of consumerism. I myself could use about a month in the wilderness with a tall stack of books by my bedside and my Significant Other under the blankets in the bed, waiting for me. These are the thoughts of hibernation that inhabit my head at this time of year. My wife was driving me to work on Monday morning, and all I could think of was continuing to drive until we were far away from any obligations or other annoying events in our lives.

A sabbatical is just what the doctor would order if I had a doctor that used wisdom rather than flow charts to help with his patients' health. What could possibly be healthy (and we're talking mental here) about continuing to work when burnout is just around the corner.
* * *

On the other hand: Tomorrow is Friday and payday. My son is here through Sunday evening. His presence always brightens our household, even in the dead of winter. I still have two wall maps to put up in his room this weekend. I tried to get it done on Christmas eve, but apparently Justin's bedroom walls are made of concrete. I need to find some good adhesive to put up his maps this weekend.

Maybe if I'm lucky, my wife and I will get out to the movies this weekend. We were intending to do dim sum and a movie on Christmas, but our five-year-old was ready for his nap early. The movie selection seems to be lacking this season, but there are still 3 or 4 films I'd like to catch in the theater.

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