Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rainy Mid-Week

My mind is in a cloud that's hovering above the Pacific coastline. I know that I have to go to work in a half of an hour, but my mind will not follow me there. My mind is already occupied relishing the peace and quiet of five nights away. My mind is already at rest even though my body must still go through the paces of work until sometime Friday afternoon. (Don't tell anybody, but I don't plan on returning to work after lunch on Friday. I'm getting married that afternoon. Isn't that enough of an excuse to blow off the afternoon? I think so.) I already have a bag full of books to take along on this trip. Books to peruse while reclined by the wood stove, and listening to the waves crash onto the beach in the background.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Speeding Up Time

All I can think about this week is the fact that I'm going on vacation starting Friday evening. I try to think of posts to write, but my mind keeps drifting to the coast, a well-stoked wood stove, with my Significant Other by my side (or possibly underneath or on top.) This upcoming respite from the madding crowd is only five nights, but we have been anticipating this little break for months.

This trip is also serving as a honeymoon for my love and I. My son doesn't get to go, which is too bad, because he "wants to go to the moon too." Maybe next time. This time it's just my S.O. and myself, with the Pacific to our west and the sunrise to the east.