Thursday, October 6, 2011

Substitiutions for Size

The Occupy Wall Street have been ongoing. It hasn't been easy, because the police actually seem to enjoy beating on people. You might think, Okay, the police are paid by taxes of working citizens. The police are unionized. And they are human beings. That doesn't matter, because when the jack boots hit the road, they are there only to protect the interests of the rich and powerful. It was only a few months back that I posted a video showing someone being choked by police, because he was dancing (barely) inside the Lincoln Memorial. He was choked for this "crime." I thought, "Oh, we're going to see this on the nightly news." No a peep. I forgot who owns the nightly news. The police are not there to protect YOU. There are there to protect the interests of those who run this country: The Corporations. Part of me wished I still lived in the northeast of this country, and then I could go down and be part of this whole class warfare thing. Of course the Republicans shun class warfare and make it sound like a bad thing. That's because a good old class warfare is about the only thing that would pale John Bonehead's tan, and make his golf handicap laughable. Instead we have the rich dicks of Wall Street, sipping champagne as they scoff at the protestors below.

In this video you will see a New York City policeman, anxious to use his nightstick. Maybe with that belly of his he better not have to run down any suspects.

Notice how the cop says that his little nightstick will get a workout tonight...hopefully. He's not hoping for a peaceful demonstration. He's wanting to beat some defenseless citizens. What a sad little man all dressed in blue.

In this video you get to see those Nerf nightsticks in action. Look at these men beat on unarmed citizens. My guess would be that you would have to own a mighty small penis to carry such a large nightstick. Me thinks that these cops are substituting for something that is lacking in themselves.

These instances of police brutality that get laughed off by the media are the reason that I tell my son to be wary of police officers. They are not necessarily there to help you.

Oh, and Steve Jobs died. Amanda Knox got cut loose. And I still work for a company that has no intention of ever giving its employees a raise, and does not pay us for the two holidays on which the store is closed: Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm so glad that we can make money for the store's owner, who is currently in Europe. Meanwhile, I'll be paying my car insurance just as the cancellation is in the mail.

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