Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nothing New

I'm sitting here at work, waiting for ten o'clock to roll around, so that I can blow this clambake. Happiness is around the corner though, because Friday is payday, and we are all reminded why we work in this lovely store...and it's not the paycheck.

It crossed my mind that I still have not had more money taken out of my check for taxes, and this coming year I will not get to claim Justin as a deduction. If I don't put some money away (fat chance of that!) then I will end up owing the government for the pleasure of being an American Citizen.

Justin will be staying at our house for the next ten days straight, because his mother is going back to New York to visit her family. His extended stay creates a little more work, and we have to juggle our schedules a little, but ultimately I love having him at my house more rather than less.

These days my mind keeps drifting to our upcoming trip to the Olympic Peninsula. My Significant Other and I will be away for five whole nights, which may actually feel like a vacation rather than a long weekend. I come back to town, work the day after Thanksgiving (I know, I know...that's Black Friday) and then I'll be off for the weekend. Of course, these days off do not arrive for over a month, but that will not stop me from day dreaming about it.

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