Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday, Monday

Back to work so soon? Yes, I am. Justin went home a little earlier this weekend, so my wife and I had nearly an entire weekend without having to parent a five-year-old. I have to admit that I miss Justin today though. I'm thinking about him, because today is his first full day at kindergarten. It's actually the start of his first full week. I'm sure he'll do okay.

My only issue today is having to listen to my hipster co-worker's choice of music for the day. As soon as my Diana Krall tribute to Nat King Cole ended, she was right there to start her DJ duties. Now we're listening to some young woman, who sounds like she dying from a heroin overdose, and she's taking a long time to do it too. I'd love to hear something peppy right now.

Anyway, lunch is just over two hours away, so the musical torture will continue for a while.

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