Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cramping My Style

The house next to ours has been vacant for about nine months. It's been quite pleasant to be able to lounge on my deck without having to worry about my neighbors, who are nearly within reach. Our roofs nearly touch. As I was sitting on the deck last night, watching the clouds change shape, I was forced to listen to the inane ramblings of another bunch of twenty-somethings. It sounds like a band moved in next door, and they must not have been raised correctly, because they were quite loud and boisterous at three in the morning. Not a very good first impression.

It's Thursday, which means that my son arrives for his weekly stay. I'm anxious to hear his tales from kindergarten. He's about to finish his first full week. I'm the typical protective parent, worrying about his day when he's most likely fine.

On the political side: The republicans are still showing themselves to be the most cold-hearted citizens in this nation. They all about "I got mine...get your own." They call themselves Christians, which is actually fitting when you look back at religious history. They shun those who are not like them, and try and force their backward morals on everyone else. How about this adage: Take care of your own business!

Most of the right wingers, who are more than happy to instruct us liberals on the moralistic way of life are notorious backsliders themselves. Witness the big pompous hypocrite Bill Bennett for instance, who has actually written books on morals, while maintaining a serious gambling addiction.

That's my mini rant for the day. Now I need to walk to work, and look forward to Friday. I'll be working with one of my less-annoying co-workers tonight, and I'll get to control the music tonight. A couple of pluses in my favor. I'm trying to talk myself into taking my stepson to see Contagion this weekend. I haven't been to a film in a while, and Soderbergh's latest seems like a decent thriller about the end of the world as we know it. I still want to see "Tree of Life" while it's still in theaters. Otherwise, there doesn't seem to be much out there worth blowing eleven dollars on.

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