Monday, August 22, 2011

Ouch! It's Monday!

The label printer is down at work, so that cuts our tasks in half. We cannot receive anything, which means no new or used books can go out on the shelves until we solve this problem.

I also work with my least favorite co-worker all day. She once stated that she would rather appear 10% smarter, but be 20% dumber over the other option of being 20% percent smarter, but appearing 10% dumber. (Thanks to Hypertheticals by Chuck Klosterman for the "hyperthetical.")It's hard to take anyone seriously that is solely concerned with surface values.

I'm also negotiating with my boss to try and get tomorrow off with my significant other. The teenagers are out of the house for the week, and Justin doesn't arrive until Wednesday evening. It would feel like freedom to have the house to ourselves for one whole day and night, without obligations or extra dishes to wash. I'm imagining a day of reading and relaxing. Maybe an afternoon walk, followed by a quiet dinner at home. Now that's what I call a "staycation."

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