Monday, August 8, 2011

Lifting and Toting

I must have moved about ten boxes of books into the house this past weekend. I was lucky a week ago when an extra set of bookshelves became available for use in our house. I immediately took advantage of the offer and began to move the rest of my books from the garage into the house. I will still have to cull some from the herd and trade them in. Pulling books to trade in is not an easy task. It's like Sophie's choice, trying to pick a child to send away, whom you may never see again.

The upside is that I'm uncovering a lot of books that I have been meaning to read, so I'm anxious to finish reading Pesthouse by Jim Crace so I can start making a dent in the rest of my books. As my son Justin said, "Daddy, you must have a million books!" Close.

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