Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's Not Monday

But it still feels like the beginning of a long work week. I've been back at the bookstore over two years now, and it's starting to wear me down. Working for a low wage, and never getting time off is disheartening to say the least. When I'm forced to work with people who mentally drag me down then it just intensifies my ill feelings. I could really use a sabbatical. You know, a month off to get my mind back in order. A month to lay next to my loved one. A month to read books, and listen to music. A month to fully enjoy life.

Instead, I have a month of work ahead of me, with bills to pay and an obligation vacation on the east coast to look forward to. I have a cabinet full of books at work that I have been planning to buy, but now I'm thinking of putting everything back on the shelf. I get this way once in a while. It's a form of self-punishment. Stop buying anything to cheer myself up. Work with my eye on the task at hand, and ignore the irritating masses that surround me.

I'm building up the motivation to ask the owner of Third Place Books for a raise for all employees next time he stops through (between skiing and biking trips to Europe!)
I find it insulting that this guy comes in, buys a book or two with his discount, and then not-too-subtly brags about his latest trip. Meanwhile all his employees make under eleven dollars and hour, and don't have any paid holidays. We do get Thanksgiving and Christmas off, but without pay. Without pay! This guy owns at least fifteen malls across the country, and we don't get paid for Christmas. Meanwhile he has this great reputation in the community. Maybe the next time someone wants to interview him about all his good work, they might stop by the bookstore to ask us about our working conditions.

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