Thursday, July 14, 2011

Right Around the Corner

The craziness of the upcoming election is already shifting into overdrive. You've got Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Mitt "I love dogs" Romney, and John Huntsman, who used to be in a big hair band called Wizard, while he was in high school. It's a panel of crazies like you've never seen before. The most insane aspect of any of this is that these wackos, who really just want an ego massage and a big fat bank account, is that they actually have a shot of public office (never mind that some of them have already been re-elected to public office.)

I'm reminded of a recent episode of the Today Show, when the king of pompous asses himself, Donald Trump, was still making noises as if he might run for president. Bill Cosby was a guest that morning, and Viera asked him about Trump, informing Cosby that he would have to take Trump seriously if he actually ran for office. Cosby's response was that of a rational human being, which is rarely heard these days in that form of media. Cosby simply said, "No, I don't."

Why does the corporate run media give all that free air time to people like Michelle Bachmann (her husband cures the gays by urging them to pray,) Sarah Palin (former beauty queen and current quitter of the office of Governor in Alaska), and gosh, what other nuts can we pull in to this race? Herman Cain, the African-American Tea Party candidate, of course. Why does the corporate media give any serious media time to any of these flakes? Because they can! Why would they want to give speaking time to people like Bernie Sanders, who has the power to actually wake up the ignorant by speaking truth to power, but you're not going to see Bernie Sanders getting the kind of press that media whore Sarah Palin garners.

Now you can see why I don't need to resubscribe to cable TV just in time for the election. I usually read one political blog a day (The Political Carnival) and that's about all the political lunacy I can stand.

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