Friday, July 8, 2011

Challenge Me

I don't want to accept the mainstream precepts that have barely propped up this society of ours for a few hundred years. I reject all religions, because nobody can define faith for me . . . except maybe Mark Twain: "Faith is believing what you know ain't so." In other words, us poor little humans want to believe in eternal justice and a wonderful promising afterlife. We want to believe in these things, so we invent this thing called "faith," which somehow legitimizes make-believe.

Does my son have faith that the tooth fairy will show up after his tooth drops out and he places under his pillow? His parents are certainly leading him to believe that the tooth fairy wants his baby teeth for her odd collection, and in return she will leave money. I guess the money is to be used for teeth cleaning products. Only makes sense, right?

I'm still not comfortable feeding the whole Santa Claus story to my five-year-old each December. In fact, I let his atheist mother take charge of all that make-believe stuff. I'd rather give my son a certain type of grounding in reality that will at least allow him to approach life more skeptically and openly.

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