Thursday, June 9, 2011

Post Birthday Blues

Actually, the fact that I'm now fifty-years-old probably hasn't truly sunk in yet. I'm more blue, because my long weekend is now over, and I'm back to yearning for the weekend. I finished reading American Subversive during my break, and I still haven't been able to settle on a new book yet. I've been reading introductions, prefaces and forwards in an attempt to find something to grab me. I had three books come in that I had ordered, so I may just read one of those next.

It would also be nice if the warm weather returned in time for my weekend. My son has been with his mother all week, and I will not see him this week until late Saturday. It doesn't take very long to miss the little guy when he's away. I talked to him briefly today. He's been staying on the peninsula with my ex's family. He told me that he didn't see any crabs, but he did eat some.

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