Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yin and Yang

We have been blessed with both sunshine and rainfall today. In fact, while I was walking to work, wearing my sunglasses against the glare, I was also getting rained upon. I felt like Darren in an old episode of "Bewitched" when he's cursed with a little black cloud following him around all day, and continuously soaking him.

Other than the mixed message from the weather, it has been a fine day. It's rather slow in the bookstore, and I would enjoy nothing more than having some time to read at the moment. I really starting to enjoy My American Happiness by Dean Bakopoulos, and I'm feeling cheated by not being able to just sit and get immersed in this novel. I may end up making it my next staff pick if the quality is maintained. We have two hardcover copies in the store, and I fear that we will not sell a copy without someone to promote it.

My son is at my house, and I'll be seeing him for dinner. He stays with us from Thursday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. This Saturday we'll be attending a production of Mary Poppins. Justin has been singing songs from the movie ever since he watched it a month ago. He'll probably still be singing songs from the production for the next couple of weeks. It could be worse.

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