Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Time for a Quickie

Oh, it's late -- or it's early, depending on your point of view. My point of view, at the moment, is pointing towards the late side. I do not have to be at work until two in the afternoon, but I have a doctor's appointment at eleven tomorrow morning. It's just a six month recheck. I'm hoping that my cholesterol has not risen any higher. I'm already on medication for my (slightly) high blood pressure, and I will be turning the dreaded 50 in just under a month. I don't need another medication added on to my regime. The next thing you know, I'll have one of the weekly pill organizers to keep it all straight.

Yes, Fifty-years-old is just around the corner for me. Currently, my Significant Other and I are planning on staying a few evenings in the university district, just south of us. The film festival will be in full swing, and, due to our east coast trip last year, we didn't attend any showings at all in 2010. This year we are hoping to make up the difference. Being at a hotel in the university district puts us within walking distance of at least four movie theaters, three bookstores, and a number of decent restaurants.

It is quickly becoming concert season. I was lucky enough to score a ticket to the Weezer Memories tour, which will be pulling into the WAMU theater in August. I have been wanting to see Weezer for years, and I will finally get my chance this summer. I will be taking my stepson with me, which will be fun, since he is also a fan of their music. Weezer has cross-generational appeal.

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